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Take power naps with Sleep Cycle power nap for the iPhone.

Power naps are proven to be important and a needed source of sleep and energy especially to tired employees during the day. There are studies that have proven that power naps can increase productivity. Sleep Cycle power nap is like an alarm clock specifically for power naps. Use this app to wake you up before you go and enter into a deeper slumber. The app has 2 nap modes: the Power Nap where you can rest up to 20 minutes and the Recovery nap where you get to shut eyes for around 45 minutes. There are also more than 17 alarm melodies to choose from, a snooze function, a sleep aid of a soothing sound and more.

The app revolves around 1 full sleep cycle to make up as a power nap.

Power naps for productivity with Sleep Cycle power nap for the iPhone. 

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