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Sleep Cycle alarm clock works best when your room is quiet and you don't fidget too much; without these constraints, it's not very effective at tracking your sleep patterns. When it does work well, though, the result is great sleep and an energized wakeup session. Its integration with Apple Health and data exporting are also great for more advanced sleep tracking.
Get a smart alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns on your iPhone with Sleep Cycle.

Sleep Cycle intelligently analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase, to ensure that you arise gently and relaxed.

The app uses your phone's sensors and microphone to monitor your sleep through motion or vibration, and based on proven sleep science, determines when to wake you up in the best possible time in your sleep phase.

Sleep Cycle features many carefully selected alarm melodies, or can alternatively use your own music as an alarm. It also features shake or tap to snooze, detailed sleep statistics, and many other features that will help you sleep well and wake up on time.

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