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Skype's heritage of high-quality voice and video calls that are absolutely free continues to impress, with few other services having such good penetration and quality of service. The low-cost phone calls with Skype Credit are a great addition that enables seamless communication with other networks still from within the app, and extensive file sharing capabilities all make it one of the best free messaging and voice call apps you can possibly get. The new Moji feature is great too; stickers are cute but somewhat passe by now, and Mojis comprise a large library of video clips from popular media that really get the message across in a fun and unique way.
Communicate with friends, family, and anyone you need to for free with Skype.

Skype allows users to communicate and share files for free. With this application, users can send and receive text messages, as well as make free Internet calls to other Skype users without incurring extra charges. The software also allows users to call and text cellular and landline phones anywhere at low rates by purchasing Skype Credit.

Skype enhances messaging by offering various features like file sharing, which lets users share photos, videos, and any kind of file as attachments. Users can also share contact details with each other right in the messaging interface. Skype also features Mojis, which are short video clips from famous movies and TVs, which users can send to each other to express themselves.

Skype is a cross-platform application, meaning that all versions of Skype across Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and other operating systems and devices will be able to communicate with each other.

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