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About SkyView Lite

Stargaze made easy with SkyView Lite for iPhone.

If you want to look at the stars but don't have the knowledge or understanding about types and names of the stars and constellations, SkyView Lite is the app you must have for your star gazing. This app identifies the stars, the constellations, the satellites for you right in your iPhone.

This app not just identifies the stars but also man made satellites like the ISS and the Hubble passing overhead in your area. It will also remind you of celestial events, plan events, see past star gazing in the past or future, follow the daily sky tracks for the Sun and Moon and more. There is also a VR function so you cam spot objects in the sky, day or night.

The app can be used with no WiFi requires, no data signal or GPS to operate. It also supports Space Navigator telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and more.

Look at the stars with SkyView Lite for iPhone.

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