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While SkySafari is doubtless a fully-featured app, it's not quite anything that hasn't been done in other apps that are cheaper or even free. It even locks orbits away behind another paywall, which would otherwise have been its defining feature at this price point. Still, the real-time sky map view is nice, and sound effects and the general wealth of information provided are somewhat worth it.
Explore the night sky and all it has to offer with SkySafari 5 for the iPhone.

SkySafari 5 gives you the opportunity to explore the jungles of the sky, while showing you how fun astronomy can be. All you need to do is hold your iPhone up in the night sky, and by combining your location data and phone sensors with a huge database, the app will show you stars, constellations, planets, and other celestial bodies in the patch of the sky that you're looking at. As you move about and look around, the star chart will be updated in real time, letting you truly explore the night sky.

SkySafari 5
also allows you to pinpoint the locations of any body that you search for, giving you an arrow to use to help you orient yourself towards their position in the sky. It can also simulate eclipses, as well as the night sky in the past and the future. Using the Time Flow feature, you can also animate events like meteor showers, transits, conjunctions, and more.

You'll also get to see the International Space Station and other manmade satellites as they pass overhead. You can get this app for $2.99.

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