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About Sky Guide AR

The stars can be seen with augmented reality with Sky Guide AR for iPhone.

Normally, you get to look at the stars why high in the sky, gazing it in awe.Especially when looking for constellations, planets, satellites and more. Sky Guide AR is an app that makes it easier for you discover the skies in the night sky and their positions as well.

Just hold your iPhone to the sky with this app on and it will automatically align itself to the stars with no setup needed.

The app is also packed with graphics and information you need to know about the stars. The app also features a Red night mode, 3D Touch, a catalog of over 2.5 million stars, cinematic time controls and more.

Seeing the stars is easy as tapping in your iPhone. You can get this app for $2.99.

Look out for the stars using AR with Sky Guide AR for iPhone.

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