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SkiLynx's wealth of information available about the most popular ski resorts makes it an invaluable skiing companion, enhanced by social and group features that let you track your friends across the resort as well as figure out which runs and lifts they're on. The app is easy to use, with readable maps and friend displays, and the quick messaging feature works reasonably well, especially with its excellent location hashtag.
Enjoy skiing on the slopes with your friends through SkiLynx for iPhone.

SkiLynx lets you create a skiing group and helps you track their location by letting you know which run or lift your group is riding.

It lets you stay in touch with your group with quick messages that can be sent from your iPhone or Apple Watch, as well as seeing their progress on their trails in percentage, and their location on the resort map. The app connects you to the top ski mountain resorts in Aspen Mountain, Alpine Meadows, Kirkwood, Beaver Creek, Snowbird, Breckenridge, Copper Mountain and many more across the Rockies, Wasatch, Sierras and Tetons mountains. 

SkiLynx lets you connect with a group in just one touch, providing you with the tracking system and a messaging system that also has location-aware hashtags. Or you can ski solo, letting SkiLynx track your day on the mountain.

Either way, the app will let you share your experiences on Facebook and Twitter, letting your friends know about your favorite runs, lifts, ski days and even your entire season.

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