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Drawing like magic with SketchAR for iPhone.

Not all of us are blessed with the creative talent to draw. Some of us can't even draw a straight line without the use of a ruler. And if you still want to draw, tracing using paper and pen is an option as well as SketchAR for iPhone.

This app uses augmented reality or AR to trace virtual lines right in your iPhone. It scans the environment and fixes image virtual image to a flat surface where you can start tracing. The app can be used by both beginners and professionals alike.

This app makes tracing accurate and lets you focus more on the lines of what you are tracing. Another secret of this app is that the more powerful your device is like the iPhone, the app is more stable which can results in better performance.

You need to use this app under a brightly lit environment and that it works so far on A4 size paper as your surface area.

Sketch using AR with SketchAR for iPhone.

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