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Skeptical Science's clever approach to the much-debated topic of climate change isn't an infodump of epic proportions, but rather a series of counterarguments against the kind of skepticism that is frequently shared on social media and posted in the news. It's certainly detailed and a fun read, but the app is hampered by an amateurish interface that looks like it came from the dawn of the smartphone era.
Get to know more about climate change through your Android device with Skeptical Science.

Skeptical Science lets you gain more knowledge and understanding about the extent of climate change, as well as its apparent causes. The app presents its knowledge primarily in the form of debunking commonly-used arguments against human-influenced climate change, displaying them by categories like "It's not us" or outright "It's not happening."

Skeptical Science's articles include detailed descriptions of common skeptics' positions, direct quotes and links to other articles, images, and links to peer-reviewed papers. It also has a news feed that keeps you up to date on the latest discoveries about global warming phenomena.

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