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About Skadi FIS Ski & Play with AR

Have smart mountain ski guide app on your Android with Skadi FIS Ski & Play with AR.

Skadi FIS Ski is a free app for Android which offers you a ski safari tour feature and an adventure game & quest and a voice guidance system that gives you hassle free guides.

The app can help you plan your ski tours and developed according to your skill level and preferences, plus it gives you a voice guidance system that takes away the need for paper maps, uses a GPS tracker and works really well even offline.

Moreover, the app offers you a fun mini-game that uses the AR (Augmented Reality) technology that turns your resort into a magical playground that lets you try to collect crystals along the way of your route. Plus there will be power-ups along the way too to make you more powerful to fight off the creatures that will want to take away your crystals from you. The crystals that you collected can then be exchanged for real items from some Skadi partner's spots.

Download the Skadi FIS Ski & Play with AR and have fun skiing on your ski resort.

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