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Choice of Games has a particular heritage of stories where decisions actually do matter, and Sixth Grade Detective continues this as well as the series's penchant for unique takes on relatively stereotypical fantasies. Dialogue and choices are fun and meaningful, and while the mysteries are somewhat cliched and don't represent anything surprising in terms of storytelling, it's all about the characters and how they are weaved through the plot, and this game delivers.
Solve the mysteries of sixth grade in Sixth Grade Detective for the iPhone.

Sixth Grade Detective puts you in the shoes of a sixth-grader kid who solves mysteries for fun. The mean girl, new kid, best friend - anyone can be a suspect, and it's up to you to spy on them, or accept their bribes.

Sixth Grade Detective has you investigate 6 different cases. Along the way you'll be presented with puzzles that you have to answer correctly, and from time to time make choices how you should go on certain situations. Your choices will decide how the story goes for you.

You will have to search for clues, interview suspects, analyze evidences, and discover the culprits. You'll also get to form relationships, be them friendly or unfriendly, lie to adults, and date classmates or shun romance.

Sixth Grade Detective features a highly customizable main character, who can be a boy, girl, or nonbinary. This young adult interactive novel is written by Laura Hughes and features over 106,000 words.

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