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Crowdsourced databases are hit-or-miss when it comes to how comprehensive and usable they are, and with something as location-essential as a restroom, having a sparse directory of usable locations is akin to being basically unusable. SitOrSquat features that problem, along with many restrooms not being up to date, closed, or even in the wrong location - potentially resulting in disastrous results. At the very least, though, the rating system makes it easy to vet choices for where to go, if you do find results, as cleanliness and experience are extremely important.
Find a restroom near you right in your iPhone with SitOrSquat: Restroom Finder.

With SitOrSquat, you can quickly search public restrooms around your current location, and filter the results by rating, by whatever is currently open, which ones have baby-changing stations, and more.

The app allows you to rate and add photos of the restrooms you've used, and bookmark your favorite restrooms and share them with your friends via Facebook. The app currently features over 100,000 restrooms in its database, each with locations, photos, and ratings.

SitOrSquat's rating system makes use of "Sit" or "Squat," indicating whether a restroom, respectively, was enjoyable to use or could be better. You can add new restrooms to the database by entering information about them and adding optional photos.

To rate, add, and bookmark restrooms, you need to connect with Facebook.

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