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Simplenote features no handwriting, multimedia support, or integration with other apps, but is much faster and more streamlined than any other note-taking app around. It also features its own form of cloud syncing, though again this is only within Simplenote's framework and doesn't integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive or Keep, or other similar service, which would've been great and wouldn't have compromised on efficiency if done well. It lacks rich formatting, but it does have different note types that cover the simplest and most important notes you could take. Overall not at all as robust as similar and free apps, which aren't all that hard to use either, but if your needs are simple, Simplenotes is the way to go.
Take down notes the easy and simple way on your Android device with Simplenote.

Simplenote provides you with an easy-to-use note taking app that synchronizes all of your content with all of your devices, for free.

The app facilitates taking down notes by emphasizing speed and efficiency - using it is as quick as just opening it and writing. When your note collection grows, the app also helps you archive notes, while making it easy for you to retrieve them through the use of tags and pins to organize them.

Simplenote features several types of notes that can be created, including Journal, Todo, Thoughts, Shopping, Watch, and more.

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