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Bank online easy and securely through your Android with the Simple app.

Simple is a free app for Android which helps you make an online checking account with your bank coupled with budget and money saving tools.

Sign up with the app and get to have a personal checking account and a Visa Debit card plus some financial tools to help you budget your money and save some money too. The app offers a safety tool called Safe-to-Spend that gives you an accurate view of your finances so that you can create a budget out of these. It also helps you create goals for saving money that helps you save money automatically everyday.

Moreover, the app offers you digital envelopes where you can categorize and decide what to put a goal in it to save money for a long term or for recurring expenses. And then the app sets asides automatically to those envelopes for your different goals.

Download the Simple app and get help saving and budgeting your money.

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