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Signal is a relatively barebones messaging app that only features basic group chat and multimedia sharing features, in this regard not really a high-end chat app with lots of features, by any means. What it does offer that's worthy of note is the promise of end-to-end encryption using open-source protocols, that encrypt everything sent through the service from text messages and shared photos to voice calls and group conversations. It may not be the best messaging app out there, but it is quite probably the most secure.
Get end-to-end encryption on your private messages with your Android phone, and use Signal Private Messenger.

Signal Private Messenger
provides a highly secure messaging and calling service that puts great emphasis on privacy.

Every message sent and received through the Signal service is encrypted from the moment it leaves your phone to the point that it arrives at your recipient, without being slow or difficult to use. The app also allows for private group chats with several contacts at once, where every single message sent and received is encrypted, allowing you to talk to several trusted contacts at once without fear of monitoring or interception.

The service does not have access to your group messages, or even information about who is in the group.

Signal also allows you to make high-quality voice calls with your contacts, which are also encrypted, and allows for images and video clips to be shared. The app also archives previous conversations and messages, helping you organize your messages.

Signal creates an account using your mobile number, removing the need to memorize yet another username and password combination.

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