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Signal is barebones and lightweight in features, with only basic group chat and multimedia sharing features besides calling and texting. In this regard, it's not really a solid competitor to other messaging apps. However, its open-source end-to-end encryption that protects everything sent through the service, from text messages and shared photos to voice calls and group conversations, make it greatly unique above the rest. It may not be the best messaging app out there, but it is quite probably the most secure. Note that many other competing apps have started to roll out end to end encryption, though, and still continue to offer more features and usability, so Signal's unique selling point might well be getting a challenge.
Securely communicate with others through encrypted messaging with Signal - Private Messenger.

Signal - Private Messenger
provides an encrypted voice call and messaging service for users concerned about the privacy and security of their communication.

The app features full end-to-end encryption, ensuring that messages can't be intercepted and decoded, while still featuring great ease of use and not compromising on the reliability of message sending and receiving.

Signal also supports private group chats with several contacts at once, where every single message sent and received is encrypted, allowing you to talk to several trusted contacts at once without fear of monitoring or interception. Signal's servers do not see the content of your group messages, nor do they store or receive any meta-information like who is present in the group.

With Signal, you can also make encrypted voice calls to your contacts, and share multimedia such as photos and videos with them as well. The app provides an archive of all messages sent and received between contacts, helping you organize your communication and stay on top of what's important to you.

Signal - Private Messenger
creates an account using your mobile number, removing the need to memorize yet another username and password combination. The app is also compatible with TextSecure and RedPhone for Android, allowing for cross-platform compatibility while maintaining security.

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