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With a huge array of videos and photo tutorials for all of its thousands of different recipes, SideChef makes learning and preparing new recipes easier and more involved than ever before. Voice commands and instructions are an especially great feature that lets you stick to the recipe without looking at your phone or using your hands. The community is great, too, with many new recipes, user photos and ratings, and tips and tricks available from within the app, as well as user-made recipes that can be shared and browsed.
Making cooking fun and easy to learn with SideChef for the iPhone.

SideChef makes it easier than ever before to learn how to make new dishes. This free app gives access to over 2500 recipes, each with step-by-step photo tutorials, instructions with integrated timers for each step, video tutorials for various ingredients, and even voice instruction and commands for following recipes even with your hands full.

SideChef also allows you to browse recipes made by users in the SideChef community, and even upload and share your own with others. You can browse through recipes by ingredient, keyword, diet, or cuisine. It also has a homepage with featured recipes, interesting new foods, news, and Explore Points that have you learning new fun facts, tips and tricks.

SideChef lets you follow your favorite chefs and bloggers as they create new recipes and add to their recipe Collections. You can also create your own Collection that others can view, and put your favorite recipes in your Cookbook.

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