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Search for fortune on the cold northlands in Shieldwall Chronicles for iPhone.

In the search of fortune with your band of mercenaries, you will encounter the undead, lizardmen and demons and many other similar creatures in Shieldwall Chronicles for iPhone.

This is a part game book and part tactical RPG, where you must lead a band of warriors and wizards an head towards the northern kingdoms in search for fortune, fame and even battles. Combat in this game is realistic as there are details to consider like weapon range, counter attacks and dame effects without slowing down gameplay.

Players must also make use of line of sight and cover during battles. The game features 16 classes, choose a party of 6 heroes, morale system, powerful magic items and more.

Battles can be replayed at varying difficulties and no level cap is needed.

Get this game for $9.99.

Explore a realistic world of dark age history with fantasy and monsters in Shieldwall Chronicles for iPhone.

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