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Sharit condenses the functionalities of multiple social networking apps into one unified interface, though in the process of course losing some of the finer controls and features that apps dedicated to a single social networking service would have. Still, though, Sharit's own unique features like sharing copy-paste data and account synchronization between devices, as well as its ability to schedule posts, add flavor to an already competent app.
Sharit is a social networking app for Windows Phone that lets you manage multiple accounts with different social networking services at once.

With Sharit, you can update your status on any of your favorite social networks with a few easy steps, unifying Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, and more in a single app. From within Sharit, you can also view friends' tweets, timelines, check-ins, and more.

Aside from just posting tweets or statuses immediately, Sharit also allows you to schedule updates to be automatically posted at a later date and time. You can also upload photos and other multimedia to your social networks.

Sharit supports synchronization of accounts and settings across multiple devices, using just one account. It also has Sharit Notebook, a feature that allows you to share copy-paste clipboard data across your devices.

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