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Master all the shards in Shards of Infinity.

The Infinity Machine is broken and destroyed to pieces with all of its shards doing damage to the world. It is up to you o save what remains of the world by rebuilding the Infinity Engine in Shards of Infinity.

This is a card game that is the follow up to Ascension, an award winning deckbuilding game. In this game, you must build your armies by recruiting champions and allies from 4 different factions.

You and your armies can launch surprise attacks, unlock the limitless power of the Shards and deploying mercenaries as well. This game can be played up to 4 players, has network multiplayer, local pass and play, solo pay versus an AI and a 30 minute playing time.

Get the shards in this game.

Build your deck to save the world in Shards of Infinity.

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