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About Shadowgun Legends

You are the last of defense of humanity in Shadowgun Legends for iPhone.

The world and humanity is under attack from an alien invader and it is up to you to defend it as the last line of defense in Shadowgun Legends for iPhone. In the future, you are part of a legendary line of heroes and warriors tasked of protecting the planet who can turn the tide of war.

The game features a story campaign spanning of over 200 missions on 4 planets, real time PvP battles and unique multiplayer modes, join forces with friends in co-op missions, over 600 weapons to choose from, 100 armor pieces, 250 accessories and more.

You get to pick your own skills and create your own playstyle with no restrictions and no classes. There is also a unique rewards system as you play the game and react to it.

There is also an in game Hub where you can interact with other players and chat with them, form guilds and battle squads, accept missions, visit vendors and more.

Fight in Shadowgun Legends for iPhone.

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