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About Seul. (Alone): The entrée

The journey where you must not stay much longer than required in Seul. (Alone): The entrée for iPhone.

There is something horrifying about the mysteries and the choices you have to make in Seul. (Alone): The entrée for iPhone. This is a choose your adventure type game that has elements of horror and philosophical ideas come together.

Several narratives are told in nihilism, surrealism, absurdism, existentialism, solipsism among others are to be experienced when playing this game. Nothing may not make sense but once you play this game longer, the more it gets to you in ways you haven't thought possible. Your choices have weight and will affect you throughout the rest to the time you are playing.

Find the answers to your questions in this game.  Get this game for $0.99.

When you are truly alone in Seul. (Alone): The entrée for iPhone.

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