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About Serial Port Splitter

Split ports with Serial Port Splitter.

If you want your data to be seen in different ports at the same time, then Serial Port Splitter is your answer.

This versatile app is used to split one port among various other applications so that they can receive the same data at the same time. One COM port can be split into several virtual ones that are exact copies of the original, split many COM ports into one virtual port, make a connection between bundles of COM ports, switch ports and many more.

The port bundles can be configured automatically so there is no need to recreate them when you boot your computer each time. Serial ports are created and configured in real time, create many virtual ports as you like, compatible with HyperThreaded and multi processor systems, supports a lot of GPS devices, software and more.

No more messing with cables, save time and effort with Serial Port Splitter.

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