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SearchMyFiles is definitely a power user's tool. With a barebones GUI that somewhat resembles the "Search for files and folders" dialog that dates back to Windows 95, as well as more dropdown boxes in one interface than we've seen in a whole day of browsing the web, it's a little hard to get into. But the sheer volume of options it offers, as well as the command line tools it has, makes it great for people who can figure it out intuitively, and who can make use of its more advanced search functions.
SearchMyFiles provides you with a huge set of tools for searching files in your PC.

can use a keyword, or part or whole of a filename or folder to search. It offers different search options such as defining a file size, date modified, date accessed, creation dates, and selection of attributes like read only, archive, hidden, and more.

The software also lets you choose the search depth in the sub-folders as well as to stop the search after a preset number of files found. It allows you to export your search results to a variety of different formats, such as xml, html, txt, and CSV. You can also copy the list to the clipboard with a single click.

SearchMyFiles is a portable application, and can be run directly from a flash drive or external hard drive without needing installation. It can also be run directly from the command line without loading a GUI.

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