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Copernic Desktop Search improves on Windows Search, certainly, but at the asking price to unlock all the important features, it's no improvement on other software, including event discontinued tools like Google Desktop. Still, the free version is marginally more useful than an unconfigured Windows Search, so it's a good thing to check out.
Easily search for files, apps, emails and attachments on your PC with Copernic Desktop Search.

Searching for files on Windows can be a major chore, especially if you don't have your libraries and search indexing setup in the places where you want to look. It's also slow and with limited parameters.

With Copernic Desktop Search, you get all the advanced search options you need, and even the option to search for a variety of other files that other tools, including Windows Search, can't touch.

Copernic Desktop Search is lightweight, and scans 150 file types extremely quickly. It indexes your data so future searches are much faster, while search information is stored privately so no one can gather any information about your activity.

It can also search for emails and email attachments within Outlook, Eudora,and other clients, PDF files and Microsoft Office docs, and much more.

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