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Tap to have delivered to you with Seamless for iPhone.

Ordering food is no longer a hassle as just a few taps of your iPhone is more than enough. Seamless makes it easy to have food delivered to you using a few taps in your iPhone.

For the busy person, who has time to wait in line to order at a restaurant? Not you. Even with a busy schedule or lifestyle, you still value the notion of eating and enjoying it. With Seamless, you have an app where with just a few taps, you can have food delivered or picked up for you. There are no hidden fees as the app also partnered with exclusive restaurants so there are also exclusive deals as well.

The app also features Express Reorder, where you can keep on reordering your favorites, track your orders with real time updates, order in advance and more. You can even see the ratings of the restaurants and search bu cuisine.

You can pay in the app with Apple Pay, PayPal, Amex Express Checkout, Seamless eGift card or even your credit card is also accepted.

Food delivers from your iPhone by this app.

Get your thumbs working and order food with Seamless for iPhone.

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