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SeaMonkey is a comprehensive open source Internet application suite that supports your web browsing needs all in one application. It is pre-loaded with an Internet Browser, an email client, HTML editor, newsgroup client IRC chat and development tools.

is an essential tool that takes care of the majority of your Internet-related tasks with its rich and efficient features. One of its features is its intuitive browser that has a built-in pop-up blocker, which lets you navigate the web without any adware.

It also features an image manager that blocks images from any obsolete website. In addition, it features a smart location bar, which can be used to search the visited webpage by simply typing in the browser’s tab and it will return the webpage that you want to browse.

browser also supports tabbed browsing allowing you to browse different web pages at the same time. It also has a built-in functionality for restoring sessions, which brings back all open windows and tabs when the browser experienced  a lag; although, this rarely happens.

This internet suite has an integrated IRC Chat, also referred to as ChatZilla, which features an easy-to-use interface and a powerful IRC client. IRC is fully customizable and lets you redefine the motifs and layouts or create your own CSS. It consists of minimal tabs to make it easier to keep track of different channels and networks.

In terms of the included web development tools, it is pre-loaded with JavaScript Debugger which can be used to debug JavaScript codes on your websites, and DOM Inspector which allows you to dig into file structure of websites.

Moving forward, it also features mail and newsgroup that lets you manage your emails through this interface. Overall, SeaMonkey is indeed functional since it presents everything in one manageable app. It is also user-friendly and convenient to use since majority of Firefox’s plug-ins are compatible with SeaMonkey.

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