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About Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is a program for Windows-based computers that allows you to easily make screenshots. Its purpose is to enable users to fully optimize the software in order to make screenshots in number, with minimal intervention.

Screenshot Captor holds great features such as you can leave comments on the files, smart auto-naming of files, ability to embed textual comments in files. Some image editing options and many tools to frame or highlight important points, very useful when projecting catches for good support on some issues.

Furthermore, it enables to capture several screen areas like the entire screen, active window and predefined regions. It recognizes when the border of windows is rectangular or not which helps you to avoid trimmed pieces. Also, it has a tool called “Thumbnail Maker” that allows you to make thumbnails of images.

With its simplicity, Screenshot Captor is a great capturing tool that holds simple features that are easy to use.

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