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About Sandwich!

A delicious way to solve puzzles in Sandwich! for iPhone.

A sandwich is one of the most complete and versatile food items ever. You can make a sandwich from just about anything in your fridge and be as creative as you can be as you stack one ingredient after another.

Sandwich! is game where the puzzle is all about making a sandwich right in your iPhone.

You need to combine the different elements together like bread, tomato, lettuce, cheese, onion, salmon and many other toppings. You can unlock more toppings for your sandwiches and that the levels also get harder as you play. There are many tricky levels as well. You can also fold toppings on top of one another to make more sandwiches and serve it on a platter.

You can "eat" the sandwich that you have made by tapping the screen.

Create delicious sandwiches in Sandwich! for iPhone.

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