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As with any software updater, SUMo shall have its share of errors, false positives, failed downloads, and just outright undetected programs. However, if you have it configured to avoid these, and always manage your updates as it scans them, it can be a competent tool to keep your software and even your drivers up to date. Best of all, it costs nothing to use.
SUMo keeps the software and drivers on your Windows PC fully up-to-date.

is a software updater that scans for and detects outdated software in your PC, and can even check if your drivers are up-to-date if you have DUMo installed. Unlike built-in auto update features; this tool notifies users if updates are available before using the software, so you always have the option of deciding whether or not to get updates.

SUMo also gives you the option of scanning for beta version updates if you want to stay on the bleeding edge. You can also manage an ignore list of software that you don't want SUMo to scan.

This program features greater compatibility and fewer false positives than other similar tools. With the PRO version, you get access to power features like automatic self-updating, and direct access to developers' web sites.

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