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About STAY: Are you there?

The most intense chat to save a life in STAY: Are you there? for iPhone.

Your words and your choices are all the lifelines one man only have i order to live and survive in STAY: Are you there? for iPhone.

This is an interactive game where you communicate with Quinn, a young man trapped alone inside a locked room with nothing in it except for a computer that is hooked to the same chat room as you do. You must work in becoming his ally, have him trust you and he will share his findings and deepest thoughts that might give you a clue to help him escape that place. Or fail at having his trust and leave him to his fate.

This game plays out in real time as every moment spent away from playing this game is also the same amount of time Quinn is being left alone, And if you drop out of conversations, and leave him for a long time, there may be unintended consequences that will happen in the game.

Get this game for $4.99.

Intensely save a life in STAY: Are you there? for iPhone.

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