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About SSuite Office Excalibur

Use a comprehensive office suite on your Windows PC with SSuite Office Excalibur.

SSuite Office Excalibur is a free app for the Windows which is an office document processing app that you may really like and may find out that you can easily work on it for more productivity and is designed for an enhanced experience on the user.

The app is a great alternative for the Windows office suite, just like the Microsoft Word, they have the "WordGraph" as the equivalent which you may save your work in .doc & .docx for compatibility and even export them in pdf, jpg, bmp, png, gif. As for the answer for the Microsoft Excel, they have the alternative called "Accel" and just like in Excel, you may do all numerical reports, calculations, analyzing, and add colorful graphs with Accel.

The app offers you some innovative concepts, user friendly user interaction, and with a cleaner desktop that wont eat too much of your space in your hard drive.

Download the SSuite Office Excalibur now and have an alternative to the more expensive Microsoft office suites for productivity sake.

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