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Pay using cryptocurrency with SPEDN by Flexa for iPhone.

There are may be a new kind of currency, the cryptocurrency kind that has changed the way people earn money and pay. Unleash the power of paying using electronic cash and cyptocurrency with SPEDN by Flexa for iPhone.

There is no need to pay in dollars or load a plastic card as all you need is your Bitcoin currency and this app. Just pay on any store that accepts Flexa, tap the brand you would like to spend your electronic cash and scan for payment. It takes just seconds to make your purchases using this app and can use it to pay parts of it or all of it. You can also load cryptocurrencies in the app just by tapping from any cryptocurrency exchange service.

This app supports Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Gemini dollar and more. 

The future of electric cash payments with SPEDN by Flexa for iPhone.

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