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Have someone take a photo of you with SOVS - Composition Camera for iPhone.

There are times that we let others take pictures of us. However, no matter how much we tell them how they take the shot, it would always come out not what we expected to be. Stop the explanation and just show them how to take the shot with SOVS - Composition Camera for iPhone.

 This app guides the the user on taking the shot as intended by the subject. There is a normal mode where you can visualize the ideal composition on the screen. Just choose a pose, size it and place it anywhere. So all the the other party has to do is take the photo. A Background mode where you can photograph the background and show it in a translucent way.

The app also features filter effects that you can use on the photos.

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Have the best photo of yourself taken by others with SOVS - Composition Camera for iPhone.

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