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About Rolando: Royal Edition

The king is back in Rolando: Royal Edition for iPhone.

The kingdom is being invaded and it is time to save it in Rolando: Royal Edition for iPhone.

This is a remastered game where every part of the original from course, interaction to bomb, catapult and more are given a makeover. Rarely you see an original given a through scrubbing that makes it better than the original and this game does just that.

This game features different ways for you to enjoy the game as you play it through various characters. You can aid your Rolandos by launching bombs to clear their path, hoisting them up in elevators or hauling them off in catapults. There are 4 fun packed worlds with each have their own set of challenges and bursting with fauna and flora.

There are many toys, puzzles and traps in this game as well as curious characters to face.

Tap to the beats of DJ Mr. Scruff in this game.

Get this game for $1.99.

Saving the kingdom with the Rolandos in Rolando: Royal Edition for iPhone.

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