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About RockMelt

RockMelt is a Chromium-based web browser developed by Marc Andreesen for Windows and Mac that offers users a new and more intuitive web browsing experience with its innovative and powerful functionalities.

This freeware primarily functions as social browser with its Facebook integration completer back-end cloud service for privacy and security. It enables users to chat, share links and publish Facebook updates directly from the web browser. Aside from that, RockMelt also integrates Twitter and several RSS feeds and plug-ins into the browser.

In addition, it features a powerful search toolbar which functions similarly with Firefox’ search bar. RockMelt also features a simple yet efficient tool called “Add as Tab” that enables users to open the search results in different tabs.

Furthermore, RockMelt automatically syncs feeds, bookmarks, apps, preferences and many across multiple computers and offer support for Chrome add-ons and extensions.

Overall, RockMelt is a powerful and fast web browser that offers users an easy way to keep in touch with their social networks while providing a robust search and web browsing functionalities.

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