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Gorgeous art and music go hand-in-hand with clever gameplay in Road Not Taken, coupled with choices that genuinely make you think of the consequences - something rarely felt in games of this sort. The game is worth several playthroughs if only to see how things may turn out differently, but also because it's just such a joy to go through.
Survive a brutal forest in a strategic puzzle game with Road Not Taken.

In Road Not Taken, you'll have to figure out how to rescue children lost in a snowstorm, while keeping yourself alive.

Explore randomly generated levels through the forest as you move and levitate objects, avoid or defeat creatures and hazards, and save the children. Along the way, you'll meet new people, form relationships, uncover secrets, and experience a lovely story that is shaped by your choices.

Road Not Taken employs a lovely art style, brilliant music, and a branching storyline that's never the same whenever you play again.

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