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About RetroArch

Get the RetroArch app now on your Windows PC and enjoy playing retro console games on your PC.

The RetroArch app is a free Windows app which you can play your emulators that is tailor ported to the libretro API.

With the app, you may enjoy and play your favorite old-school retro console games, plus it has many other features such as multi-pass shaders, real-time rewinding, remote network support, backwards compatibility, cross-platform game support, full-screen mode, on-screen  keyboard and many more.

It also supports many retro consoles like, PlayStation1, Super Nintendo, GameBoy, NEO GEO, plus many other. The app is very easy to use and to set-up with a tutorial on YouTube.

Download RetroArch now and get to enjoy your favorite console games right on your PC.

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