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About Rest in Pieces

Enter the darkest places starts in Rest in Pieces for iPhone.

When you are in the dark, you are in no condition to know what is happening around you as you swing left and right in order to find your way out. Rest in Pieces is similar to that. This is a third person swinging game that just creepy,dark and scary.

Face off with characters that are porcelain dolls as you need to save little Georgina from her nightmare, an evil clown. Or help the pirate, Jack Parrot defeat his long time nemesis, Kraken the sea monster. You need to kill the monster in order to get out of the monster, collect gems and use it to unlock new figures. These figurines are used to swing to the nightmares without smashing into anything else.

Swing to survive in this game.

Swing against the darkness in Rest in Pieces for iPhone.

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