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Spread your religion in Religion inc. for iPhone.

Make people believe as you spread your kind of religion in Religion inc. for iPhone.

This is a strategy game where instead of planning to rule over a city or island, you must spread the religion that you have created to the world right in your device. You must customize your religion using different combination of skills and can choose where to spread your religion at first. There are enlightenment points to earn that you can use to further develop your religion.

There are skills for making miracles to speaking about your religion. However, like in any religion, spreading it to the world won't be easy as you must deal with different countries, events and times. You must be adapt to various scenarios in the game as well.

If your religion is deemed too strict by the locals, there would be unbelievers and they can ruin your plans.

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Create faith and spread it in Religion inc. for iPhone.

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