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The pioneering podcast app continues to be one of the best choices, with all the important features you need for great playback and efficient management of your podcasts. RSSRadio doesn't hide any of these features behind a paywall; if you're OK with the ads, then it's a truly free piece of software. Highly recommended for anyone with a lot of casts to listen to.
RSSRadio allows you to play all of your favorite podcasts easily and efficiently right on your iPhone.

RSSRadio was one of the first advanced podcast playback apps out there with many modern features, and it still remains a great choice until today. The software gives you tight control over your podcast organization, with playlists and notifications that keep you on top of the content you want to play.

It also features silence skipping, audio equalizer, a compressor / limiter, and volume boosting. You'll also get to sync your casts across all of your devices through iCloud.

also lets you search for new podcasts to listen to, and subscribe to them so you're always in the loop. You can even check out automatic recommendations that are based on other RSSRadio users' preferences, or based on your own listening patterns.

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