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About RPG Machine Knight

Play an other world fantasy RPG game on your Android with RPG Machine Knight.

RPG Machine Knight is a free game app for the Android by KEMCO_GAMES (Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.) which lets you perform quests to get powerful items and finish you ultimate mission.

The earth has a crisis, an energy crisis that forced the young hero Frain to launch himself into another world through a gate he invented in search for another power source, but he was betrayed and he was left alone in that world. But he found help in the 2 young maidens and so the adventure continues on.

The game features a Machina board system from which you can learn lots of jobs and skills, weapons crafting by collecting certain materials, sub quests, extra dungeons, and the main story game.

Download the RPG Machine Knight now and reacquire a new energy source for your people.

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