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About RPG Djinn Caster

Play a fantasy RPG game on your Android with RPG Djinn Caster.

RPG Djinn Caster is a free game app for Android which lets you enjoy an epic RPG game with a loosely inspired Arabian theme coupled with Japanese style anime RPG.

From the desert covered lands and a terror filled lands from a terrible Sultan, the lives of the people is dire. But a hero rose armed with a mysterious dagger empowered by a Djinn, now the people has hope freedom from oppression.

You will fight by summoning the Djinn that will fight along side you, explore numerous dungeons and encounter various enemies to fight. You can also play in mini games provided by the app, and collect up to 20 Djinns to fight with you.

Download the RPG Djinn Caster and save the people from the tyranny of the Sultan.

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