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About RPCS3

Play your PS3 games in your computer with RPCS3.

Dubbed as the 'world's first open source PlayStation 3 emulator', RPCS3 promises to bring the joy and power of the PS3 and is capable of having you to play your favorite PS3 games right in your computer.

It allows you to play a great deal of commercial games as well as PS3 SDK samples. The former next gen console has its games get a new life with this emulator. In order to use this app, your PC must meet its requirements and that your PS3 are not of the pirated variety but are self dumped.

Some of the biggest titles for the PS3 like God of War, Killzone, Uncharted and the like are still incompatible with this software. You have to make do with many other games that still works with this emulator.

The PS3 is not dead but now has sprung new legs of life with RPCS3.

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