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ROM Manager is a great app for root users who regularly tinker with their phone's ROMs. The app eases the process of finding, flashing, and backing up your ROMs. With ROM Manager, you can Organize and perform backups and restores all from within the Android. It is essentially creating a recovery point for your Android and installs the ROMs with just one click.
ROM Manager is a free application for Android that helps the users to organize and perform backups and restores from within Android. 

It helps the users to manage their ROM via a helpful user interface and perform action inside the application to make the Rom more organized.This app is a must have app for the rooted Android.

ROM Manager features: Manage your ROMs via a handy UI, Organize and perform backups, Restores from within the Android and Install ROMs from your SD card & over the air!

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WARNING: Don't try this app unless you know what you're doing. Installing this app could lead to your phone becoming inoperable.

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