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The safety net for runners in ROAD iD for iPhone.

There are many news reports and articles about hikers, runners, cyclists and even people just taking the dog out getting lost or missing. Have a peace of mind and safety with ROAD iD for iPhone.

This app leaves your friends family members an electronic breadcrumb or eCrumb as you go to your run, hike, walk, ski or bike. This enables them to track you on your route. The app also allows you to notify them if you have stopped moving via the Stationary Alert notification.

You can even personalize a lock screen that included 3 emergency contacts as well as various and important health information like medical conditions, allergies and blood type.

Your friends and family don't even need to have this app in order to keep watch over you as they can do it in their mobile devices or computer.

Have a peace of mind and a safety net as you go to your activity route with ROAD iD for iPhone.

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