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About Qwant Junior

A web browser made for kids is Qwant Junior for iPhone.

The internet is vast and may be full of fun things to learn and enjoy yet it is also a place full of things kids should not see, hear or experience at such a young age. Make sure that the content they see on the web is appropriate for their age, is educational yet fun as well with Qwant Junior for iPhone.

This app blocks from the web content that are full of violence, porn, drugs, hate and more. These get blacklisted and never gets showed in the browser. It also features a forced safe mode, built in tracking protection and performance taht is based on opne sourced Mozzila technology. Using this app will not lead to being tracked or spied upon.

There is also a community of education professionals and a strict privacy supervisory system.

Kids get to surf the web safely with Qwant Junior for iPhone.   

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