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A great choice for students and teachers alike, Quizlet's offering of a huge database of flashcards and features for every type of studying need, as well as the ability to create your own and share it with fellow classmates or your own students, all work together to make a great studying tool. Unfortunately, certain free content has slipped behind paywall oblivion, which can make the app a little less useful than previously, as compared to similar apps.
Learn through flashcards with Quizlet for the Android.

Quizlet lets you study through the use of flashcards that you can design, or pick from millions of cards created by other Quizlet users.

For years, paper flash cards have been used by many students all over the world as a form of tool to study on many subjects. With Quizlet, now you can use your smartphone as a digital flash card studying tool. The app lets you design a set of flashcards according to your needs, with a variety of learning types such as the memory-testing Learn and time-pressuring Match. Flashcards can also coupled with sounds or audio for teaching pronunciation skills when studying vocabulary for foreign students or for foreign languages.

The app lets you share your flashcards with others, and even check out flashcards made by other users. In addition, the app is cross-platform, allowing you to keep all your cards no matter what device you're using, whether mobile, tablet, or desktop browser.

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