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About Quiz Pursuit

Combine knowledge and fun as you answer them in Quiz Pursuit for Android.

Delivering on the concept of educating while you play is Quiz Pursuit for Android. This is a trivia game that combines knowledge and entertainment.

Get to have fun answering more than 25 million questions and more being added everyday. This game is made not just for fun but also for educating you with tidbits and information. You can play this game alone or with friends, play in the "Free Play" mode or in the "Levels" mode.

There are various topics to choose from ranging from movies to general knowledge to sports and more. Also, no questions gets to be repeated after being answered correctly so you get to answer something new and different each time. There too are nuggets to earn and use then for advancing in the levels or for facing off against other players like friends.

There are also daily login rewards and bonus points if you have answered fast enough.

Be more knowledgeable by playing Quiz Pursuit for Android. 

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