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With a huge cache of books and a basic but highly functional and effective speed reading interface, QuickReader is a beautiful choice for speed readers not only for its main features, but also for the content that it provides completely free of charge. Few other similar apps come with their own library.
Speed up your reading abilities with QuickReader for the iPhone.

QuickReader helps you read faster than ever before, through novels, reports, textbooks, articles - pretty much anything that comes in word form. Using proven techniques that millions of people around the world have used to speed up their reading prowess, QuickReader guides you through text automatically, training you to keep up and go faster. Picking up the pace is just a few taps away!

QuickReader features a hands-free design that automatically turns the page as it hits the last word. It comes with access to two million free books, among which are classics from authors like Mark Twain and Jane Austen, all of which are ready for speed reading.

The app can scale reading speed from 10 words per minute to 4000, and integrates with Instapaper and the clipboard for even more content accessible to you.

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